Thursday, August 20, 2009


"...The weeks pass by, and every sunny day is filled with laughter; music, and dance. It seems as if the masquerade will never end."

"But wait. SHHHH. Listen. Studious Uncle Fall is quieting the land. He puts on his spectacles, arranges his pencils and books, then sits down at his desk.

Cousin Summer slips his knapsack on his back and quickly strides over the hills and far away."

--"When the Root Children Wake Up," by Audrey Wood


Melinda said...

I love that book! =-)

John said...

In this place, our Cousin Summer is the relative that stays way too long, and when he finally leaves everyone is fed up with him. But we all know he'll be back next year, staying too long again and putting his hot feet on the coffee table.

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Melinda -- I thought you'd know that one. :)

John -- I am ROFLOL. It's just wrong, I know. If everyone around us is going back to school, where's the fall weather, I want to know??

Toni said...

I love that:-)
So true fall is just around the corner, and you know sometimes after an event filled summer I am looking forward to some quiet time around the table hitting the books.

Amy Souza said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that book.

number17cherrytreelane said...

these pictures are so sweet.

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