Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sun, sand and old friends

We spent a lovely three days in Laguna last week, visiting friends who moved away from our hometown a year ago. Isn't it funny how you can pick up right where you left off with good friends even after a long time apart?

They took us to the beach, where the big boys got to try boogie-boarding for the first time. It was a gorgeous day, just warm enough to dry off those getting soaked in the sea.

Eldest and Middlest were so happy to finally be in the water, since our last beach trip was too cold for real water play. Littlest was happy to stay on the beach blanket eating popcorn and avoiding the feeling of sand between his toes. I have to admit, he gets that from me.

When we were finished with the sand, the sun and the crowds of the beach, we headed to Fashion Island.

If you know Southern California, you probably know of Fashion Island. It's your quintessential SoCal open-air luxury mall. We went for the carousel rides, the gorgeous koi pond, and the gelato, rather than the shopping. I just wish I hadn't forgotten my camera in the car!

We also spent a fair amount of time at the pool in their complex, and just enjoying hanging out together again.

Now we're back at home, drowning in laundry once again, and getting ready for one last weekend trip and the back-to-school season at the same time. Scott heads back to work on Monday, and we haven't quite completed our summer to-do list.

I'm avoiding the mess around me by browsing homeschooling blogs, making lists and plans for fall, and trying to catch up on my vitamins, which I, unfortunately, neglected to take with me on the last two trips. Yikes.

I've got several posts in the works, and I'll try to pop in here and finish them, but I can't make any promises. I completely forgot about World Breastfeeding Week. Duh. Anyone need any breastfeeding books?


angelina said...

ha ha..I dont need any, but I have a close friend having her first baby the first week of Sept....let me know....thank for your pics..they are dreamy....

Brody said...

I forgot about World Breastfeeding Week too...worse yet, I am actually working on a post about breastfeeding. Maybe I'll save it for next month and do the one-month-iversary of WBW '09.

Your photos are excellent. Really crisp and great color. :)
(Note: I have not figured out how to comment with my website ID so you can find me).

Toni said...

what a pretty beach sounds like a great time it is nice to catch up with old friends.

We are getting into the back to school mode to.

Bona Fide Mama said...

i missed world breastfeeding week? i must have been too busy breastfeeding!

i've been reading a lot of homeschool blogs lately too. it's sorta addicting.

mandi said...

wow! laguna beach is sooooo beautiful. i've only been once, as a 19 year old, i'd love to go back.

looks like you guys had lots of fun!

~Bobbi~ said...

My grandparents actually live there. It is soooo nice! But to make it there, I would have to work!!!!

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