Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck o' the Irish

What can I say? We love St. Patrick's Day around here! I'm only about an eighth Irish, but my parents got married on St. Paddy's Day, so it's a very special day.

Our friends sent us home with green eggs from their Americauna chickens yesterday, and somehow they made green scrambled eggs! Must have been our Leprechaun. We drank green tea, listened to Irish music on Pandora, and the boys had an Irish jig dancing contest.

Our friends across the street came by to bring us shamrock cookies and let us know that our neighborhood Leprechaun had come through their house, left treats and made a big mess -- green footprints everywhere AND he hid their schoolbooks! So, no homeschool today!

Well, of course, the boys were convinced the Leprechaun must have left coins at our house, too! As it turns out, the economy has hit even magical creatures clad in green -- apparently the Leprechaun is carrying silver and pewter this year instead of gold.

After the Leprechaun left evidence of his presence in the house, the boys were determined to find him again -- even if they had to search the whole neighborhood.

But all we found was this cute dancing replica he left behind for our friends...

That's okay, he did turn our milk green. So, we had to eat green mac & cheese for lunch.

Fortunately, dinner was of a less fluorescent variety. I made Irish Beef Stew and soda bread to celebrate my parents' anniversary. Here's to another lucky 36 years, Mom & Dad!


John said...

Dia Dhuit to you, your family, & your mom & pop for 36 years o' marriage.

If anyone has more fun than you & your kids on a daily basis, I'd like to meet them.

mandi said...

oh man! what a fun day! and a guiness to top it off? perfect!

when we were in irelend my husband ordered a pint of guiness. we were taking our time, and it started getting a little 'skunky' towards the bottom. so he left a bit in the glass. the waitress (who was in her late 50's) made so much fun of him! it was hilarious! ahh- memories. : )

Jena said...

I love all the little St. Patricks Day things you do! I'll have to try some of those next year. :)

Lisa said...

What a great day. I would have loved to have seen the Irish Jig dance contest! :)

Olive Oyl said...

Your blog has totally been an inspiration to me! My husband and I just spent the past month preparing our flower beds and planting a vegetable and herb garden! Tomatoes, assorted peppers, squash, carrots, and herbs galore! I even got some boysenberry plants from a good friend and planted a couple of pumpkin seeds as well!

I have some questions on composting... I'm not sure if I can actually do it... I'm sure it is fantastic for your garden, but I do have to admit, it gives me the hebee-jebees. I DO NOT LIKE worms and bugs and such. Yes, I scream every time I see a frog in the garden. :) Does the compost stink??? I know, I'm a sissy. But hey, I did plant my whole garden and water and nurture it every day, so I'm allowed one little weak area of my gardening life, right???

I am so jealous you have chickens. We live in the city, so we can't have them... boo. Do you life in Bakersfield?

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