Sunday, September 09, 2007

Snots R Us

Standing up is bad. I tried it. Made my head feel all woozy and faintish. I'm just going to sit here for a few more minutes.

We are all home sick from church this morning. We seem to be making a habit of this. Have too much fun during the week, wake up sick Saturday morning, miss church on Sunday. The Sunday school coordinator is going to think I didn't really want to sign up for the toddler room if we keep this up.

Grouper's nose has been running across his face nonstop since Friday afternoon. His nose and left cheek are a brilliant shade of pink, and he has a lovely cough to go with it. Puffer had a fever yesterday and has the gravely voice, but he seems to be doing the best of all of us today. He tends to fight things off hard and fast.

At least they're in decent moods. Baby Fish looks like Grouper, sounds like Puffer, and has been rather grumpy.

Yesterday the kids finished off a bottle of homeopathic anti-cold pills, and drank nearly half a gallon of orange juice. UberDad and I are taking Zicam and some fancy herbal "Wellness Shots." I'm thinking maybe we should start downing that nasty-looking green juice my friend Sarah used to drink for breakfast every morning. (Do you still do that, Sarah?) Boost our immune systems.

We eat pretty well most of the time -- you know, whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies (okay, not as many as we could). Geez, I didn't even bake cookies on Friday! So, I'm thinking we'd have to do something pretty extreme (read: weird) to make a significant difference in our health.

If I can stand up for longer than it takes to get from the computer to the couch, I'm going to start by disinfecting all the door knobs. That's got to be easier than overhauling our diet. Definitely easier than giving up sugar. (It couldn't possibly be the sugar, could it?!)


Emily said...

Oh no, the Snots are visiting! I'm so sorry! I hope they leave and are on their merry way very soon!

bliss said...

yuck! LOL

baby bliss and i have been getting over something too. we thought it was colds til i talked to my momma. she reminded me that it could be our vents which prompted me to check the filter. it was FILTHY.

baby bliss had a doc appt. friday and the doc said it appeared to be an allergy.

my momma swears by green food too and left some for baby bliss last time she was here. baby bliss thinks it's gross and won't touch it so my momma said to sneak it in her drinks.

um... yeah. excuse me ma but how do you sneak green stuff into a drink unnoticed?

any way we've been overdosing on Emergen-C and it's been helping. i've also added a few doses of homeopathic allergy stuff which REALLY helped me when i was at my worst.

now i've got the gravely voice/dry cough and baby bliss is fine.

on another note, when you have time, drop by my blog. there's something waiting there for you... :-)

Jen said...

bummer on being sick!!! yuck. i found i was getting sick a lot too, until i started washing my hands ALL the time. not just rinsing them, but doing it right with hot water and soap. and doing the same with the kidlets. i've invested in some decent handcrafted soap (less drying) and i htink it really has made a difference in the number of colds we're catching around here!

anyway, hope you're all in the pink again soon!

Amanda said...

Maybe your momma forgets that children KNOW what color their apple juice SHOULD be. My kids notice even the slightest flavor change in their smoothies. Sneaking never works.

(Glad you're feeling better, though! I should check our vent, too!)

Amanda said...

Emily -- thank you! I hope they don't visit you any time soon, too! :)

Jen -- thanks! My hands look like they're 80 years old from all the washing and forgetting to use lotion! But I know I've had trouble getting my middle one to use soap consistently. He doesn't like the feel of it. And I discovered he's been wiping his nose on the hand towel we share -- YUCK!!

Mama Zen said...

We've had it here, too. I always blame the children; they carry the plague, you know. It definitely can't be sugar. I simply won't even think about it!

Hope you all feel better soon!

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