Saturday, September 15, 2007

Darn iPhoto. Again.

Yes, I know it's horribly unfair of me to nag the boys about not being too loud when the baby's sleeping, and then go throw a tantrum myself about this stupid iPhoto program on our new Mac, but I have to tell you, I am SO FRUSTRATED!!! All I want to do is crop a photo, save it where I can find it, and upload it to Blogger. Doesn't sound too hard, does it? Well, I can't figure out how to save the darn thing. iPhoto lets me crop it, but it doesn't have a "save" option anywhere I can see. (I've looked in File, Edit, all over the iPhoto window, done "apple-S, etc.) And it just puts the photo right back to where it started when I click on "done."

Anyone know how to fix this? I'd call Brad, but it's getting late and I know I'll get too loud on the phone and wake up Baby Fish again. Brad? Are you reading?

I'm getting old. That's the problem. I knew how to use Macs way back in the dark ages when the screens were 6 inches wide and in black and white. I even knew how to use them when the screens became big enough for people over 25 to read, but before you could get them in your favorite color. In fact, other reporters used to come ask me for help when they couldn't figure out how to do something. Don't ask me how I knew.

Now. I want things to do what I want them to do. And I don't want to have to relearn how to do things. I'm getting old, stubborn, and crotchety.

Somebody want to trade me their new PC for a new iMac?


John said...

One of the first things that happened when we got our mac mini was for iPhoto to, let's just say, cause some problems with photos from our babies birth. Not good. Since then, I have not touched iPhoto. I use the photo software that came with our printer, and it has been much less hassle. iPhoto is NOT one can convince me otherwise. If they want to try, they must first locate the lost photos...

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, John, that is horrible! And yet, I'm oddly glad that I'm not alone in HATING this damn program. 'Cause I do hate it. It sucks. And nothing Brad can say will make me change my mind. Although he's not trying very hard. I'll give him that. (Oh, and I should probably thank him for spending two hours last week attempting to make it work for me. Thanks, Brad!)

John said...

Brad tried to help me, too. Brad is GREAT - iPhoto stinks (insert EXTREME curse words that begin with "F" here)!
It didn't cause me to want to exchange my mac mini. I really like it otherwise. But lesson learned. When I download photos, it is NEVER to iPhoto. I don't think I helped you, but I did confirm the stinkiness that is iPhoto. Sorry. That reminds me, I must get photos of baby boy from my sister's Dell...

georgia said...

Hi, Amanda. iPhoto has its pro's and con's. I like it, but I am biased:) If you want to save your pictures somewhere specific, you need to use the "export" feature. Go to "File" and then "Export." You can do as many at a time as you would like. Just select all the ones you want and then choose "Export." You can also compress them at this time and rename them too. It will walk you through this.

An easier way is to physically drag them from iPhoto into a folder onto your desktop. This was the magic of macs to begin with. You can see your files and you can move them around to where you need them.

My one gripe is that, for some reason, with the most recent version you can't find your photos organized according to folders anymore. By this I mean, that when you go to your finder to look for a certain picture, your folders from iPhoto aren't there. Instead, they are categorized between modified and originals and beyond that they are batched by each import. I really should ask someone about this, because it seems that every time I am hating a certain feature of Apple anything, there is a way to fix it (or I find out they are changing it in the next patch).

Also, you should try ImageWell. It is a cute little (free!) program that makes uploading for a blog really easy. You just drag the photo from iPhoto into ImageWell and you can edit it there. From there it can send it to Flickr (or some other web photo servers I think) or to a place on your hard drive that you specify.

Also, John--have you tried spotlighting your pictures? They are there somewhere on your hard drive unless they were accidentally deleted.

Wow, this is the longest comment ever. I hope it helps. Contact me if you have any more questions!

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