Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Catching up.

It's hot. Not middle-of-summer hot. Just hot enough that you want to use the A/C but can't yet justify it. Hot because I'm 8 months pregnant and ACTUALLY huge, not just feeling that way. Hot because my firstborn has had a fever spiking and leaving again for nearly three days, and he wants me to sit by him on the couch all day. He's shivering, I'm sweating.

So, no, the third little fish has not arrived yet. I've just been so busy that blogging has fallen to the bottom of the list. My apologies if anyone has been checking frequently only to find the Easter post still up top. We celebrated Puffer's fifth birthday last weekend. Maybe that's why he's sick -- getting ready for another growth spurt. In case you were wondering, he is the sweetest five-year-old you'll ever meet, and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother. :) Though he hates being sick.

And I think he's also sick of Grouper's Star Wars addiction. I think we've watched Episode I close to 10 times this week. Grouper now has four light sabers, three of them purchased with his allowance over the last two months. Maybe we're giving him too much money...

On Puffer's birthday, UberDad set a national rifle shooting record. In heavy rain. He was soaked but proud when he arrived home. Check him out here, and scroll down to Highpower Prone.

Between the rain, and the ensuing heat, I managed to finish all my planting for the season. Now I just have to water every day until the baby arrives and hope everything survives my neglect after that. I picked lettuce and cilantro fresh for our tacos tonight -- yum!

I also finished knitting my bag finally! Still have to sew the straps on so I can actually use it. And I dyed my first batch of yarn, and have started my first soaker for the baby! Here's a photo of the yarn.

My friends Megan and Jerry and their two boys came to visit on Friday and Saturday. They moved back to Seattle from the Bay area last summer, so we hadn't seen them since last April. Their boys are 3 and 5, and it's always so fun to see how they've grown and watch all the boys together! They were on their way up north after three days in Disneyland. Turns out the most popular toys at our house were the ones we got in Disneyland in October -- Jedi guns and light sabers, of course.

Besides socializing, knitting and watching Star Wars nonstop this week, I've finally gotten started on organizing my bedroom in preparation for Baby Fish. I packed up all the winter maternity clothes I don't need, and dug up some warm weather ones. UberDad got the second dresser from my parents' house so I can put postpartum stuff in there, and fill my other dresser with baby things. Mostly diapers. I have a TON of diapers, both from my old stash and on loan from friends I've converted over the last five years. Though that's not keeping me from spending too much time online looking for more! I bought two adorable WAHM-made soakers on eBay. I'll have to post diaper stash photos on Flickr.

But first, I have to figure out what to make for dinner this week that doesn't require use of the oven.


Crankenpants said...

Totally understand the oven part.
Good luck organizing.

Dapoppins said...

I am going to be looking for pics of the wool diapers on flicker! Good to see that you are doing well and keeping busy! Eight months huh? ya gotta put a baby count down meter thingy on the blog so we don't loose track?

Amanda said...

Diaper pics are up! :)

Dapoppins said...

Those wool soakers are adorable! Do they go over cloth diapers and plastic pants? or over the wraps? Do you wash your own cloth diapers? wont the wool shrink? Shows you how much I know!

Amanda said...

The wool soakers go over a fitted or snappied prefold diaper. No other diaper cover is needed. The wool is water resistant to prevent leaks, but breathable, so perfect for summer!

I do wash my own diapers. We haven't had a diaper service in my town for at least a decade, if not two. The wool I'll wash separately on a cold gentle cycle or by hand, so it won't shrink. Any other questions? :)

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