Tuesday, May 09, 2006

37 weeks and counting.

There's nothing like a deadline to motivate me to go shopping!

Yesterday was the official beginning of my 38th week of pregnancy. Today I had a doctor's appointment, even though I just saw my midwife on Friday, and everything's fine. The boys and I waited for nearly an hour and a half before we finally got called in. They were amazingly patient, but getting miserable by the end of the wait.

Baby Fish kindly put his head in place just in time for the doctor to check him today. Last visit he was still breech, and the doctor mentioned the possibility of doing an external version. No, thanks. Fortunately, in the last two days baby's been wiggling into position, and is at -1 station, for those of you interested in the technicalities of labor. I'm also dilated to just under one centimeter, and 70 percent effaced. Woohoo! This means nothing in terms of when he'll arrive, of course, but the doctor was pleased to note that we've begun the process.

I've gained 31 pounds total this pregnancy. So, of course, we went out and had Coldstone ice cream tonight after hitting Babies R Us and Target for an infant car seat, diaper pail, nursing stool, changing pad, and thank you notes. A few of my dearest friends threw us a baby shower on Sunday. I could hardly sleep that night. Gift bags holding baby toiletries, cloth diapers, books, blankets, and the most adorable baby clothes covered my dining room table, and all I wanted to do was admire and sort and wash and organize everything. I'm going to be doing a lot of laundry in the next week!

But today I just wanted to get the rest of the necessities purchased. If he decides to come early, we don't even have our birth kit yet! Ordered that today, finally. Also ordered miscellaneous diaper laundering accessories. So, according to shipping calculations, he can come any time after next Tuesday. No sooner than two weeks before my due date!

Obviously I'm counting on my history of reasonably accurate due dates. Puffer was born one day before his, Grouper only four days after his. So, an arrival date of sometime between May 29 and June 3 would just fine with Baby Fish's mommy.


Dapoppins said...

Thanks for the update...lucky you 70% effaced 1 station, head down! My daughter was such a "floater," bouncing around till the last minute...its really sad to go in a day after your due date and have the midwife say, "your not effaced, and dilated to, almost a 1. maybe .5" OOOOH! I am so excited for you, I feel all your anticipation. My youngest is 2, and my heart keeps saying "time to have another one!" But that is NOT going to be happening...so I will just enjoy you! Okay, I gotta go read that post again.
(am I a freak or what...don't worry, I live far away and don't know who you are, your safe, really.)

Amanda said...

LOL. I'm just glad someone's reading!! Otherwise, I'm just talking to myself. ;)

Static Brain said...

Good luck with the pregnancy.

Heather said...

I'm so excited for you, and so jealous too!! My DS was born 2 weeks early 27 months ago and I still haven't gotten over the shock of that!! I was soooo not ready for an early delivery. Nothing at home was washed and my first stop after leaving the hospital was Target for nursing bras. Oi vey! :) You are so ahead of the game!! Good luck to you.

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