Friday, December 09, 2005

Praise the Lord! My camera's been healed!

After two-and-a-half months of not being able to use my digital camera, I finally visited the fancy photo store to see what could be done with the thing. I'd put new batteries in it, jiggled and wiggled and jiggled the on/off switch, and the camera simply ignored me.

I told this to the lady at the photo shop, and she took out the batteries to make sure they were good. Yep, just fine. She put them back in. Then she turned the camera on. She turned the camera ON. By flicking the switch. The one I hadn't been able to get to work for two months. So, yes, the photo lady healed my camera.

Now I have to see if I still know how to use Hello, so I can post some pictures here finally!


Carla said...

If you have a good grasp of HELLO please let me know. No clue how to post a pick with in a post....

Amanda said...

Huh? You already did! I'm the one with no photos posted! The supposedly easy blogger feature just seems to ignore me.

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