Monday, December 26, 2005

The Christmas Flu

This was the strangest Christmas ever.

Instead of finishing my last knitted gift Friday night, I laid on the couch with a headache. As relaxing an activity as knitting is, it still requires energy. I had none.

Instead of visiting with my mom and sisters or decorating gingerbread cookies with the boys on Christmas Eve Day, I slept until 2 p.m. I ate dinner in my mom's bed, while the boys played with aunties and grandparents and second cousins in the rest of the house.

Instead of being woken on Christmas morning at the crack of dawn by two small boys eager to see what Santa had brought them, we were woken before dawn by one boy whose fever caused him to wet the bed. And then the other, who coughed himself into puking. Once the beds were stripped, we dragged ourselves to the living room, where, instead of energetically ripping paper off packages, they half-heartedly asked for help getting them open.

Then we all went back to bed until 10:30. Eventually we made it over to my parents' house, where my dad was making breakfast. Puffer lay on the couch with a fever and headache, crying, "Somebody help me! I hate headaches! I don't want to be sick! Somebody help me!" while I rubbed his head, his brother curled up at my other side.

In between doses of Tylenol (Mommy included) and alternating naps (Mommy definitely included), we opened presents. My dad and Scott did all the cooking. My mother got out of the hospital on Wednesday. She has Valley Fever, and has to take antifungal medication and give herself IV antibiotics three times a day. We took up both couches in the living room for most of the day.

By early evening, the boys had a simultaneous boost of energy and actually played with their new games for a little while. Then it was back to feeling puney. They fell asleep within five minutes of climbing into bed.

So, I'm sitting here now after a short morning nap, with Grouper on my lap and still feverish. Puffer's feeling much better. He always seems to get sick noisily and recover quickly. Grouper's a quiet sick kid. Doesn't complain much, just looks miserable, and doesn't respond well to medicine.

I sure hope your Christmas was healthier.


Brad said...

Well, I spent half of the night at the emergency room...

Brad said...

Is comment moderation my fault?

Anonymous said...

Hope you're all feeling better and I'm sorry you had such a crummy Christmas. I do however have to ask....WHY would you take yourself and your kids over to infect all your other relatives?? I think if my son's cousins had the flu I would ask that they please stay home. I know Christmas is all about giving...but really!!

Emily said...

You poor things!! Our Christmas was not healthier at all. We also had the Christmas Flu. Well, the kids & I did. It lasted two weeks for the kids, and I finally broke down and went to the dr. today since my cough is just not getting any better. A couple of prescriptions later, I left the office and hope to be feeling A LOT better in the next couple of days. Praying you all are better much more quickly!

Amanda said...

Anon, we live next door to my parents, and we'd all been together during the previous days anyway. Too late to avoid cross-contamination.

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