Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How's this for a visual?

So much for Park Day. Puffer woke up at 3:30 this morning blowing red chunks. I mean that literally. Across his bed, his brother's bed, the rug, my arm, and into the bathroom. Three loads of laundry from five minutes of puking.

Fortunately, the event has not yet repeated itself. Not that Grouper couldn't do the same thing tonight. But hopefully not. I won't let him eat apple slices and tomato before bed. Puffer went back to sleep after a nice bath and new sheets, but has eaten very little today. I made banana bread, 'cause I thought that might help him feel better, and we played Battleship this afternoon. It's been a pretty lazy day. The house is a mess.

My mom offered to babysit so Scott and I can go out to dinner with my sister and her fiance tonight. Hopefully everyone's food will stay in their tummies while we're gone.


Anonymous said...

Your daily blog of ordinary events keeps me going lately and helps me to focus on the sometimes mundane, sometimes happy or silly or frustrating moments that give life so much meaning.

Crankenpants said...

I LOVE the previous comment. :P Puking is not fun hope he feels better.

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