Saturday, August 25, 2012

The summer trio

That's my Littlest boy there in the middle. He turned 6 in June.

On the right is his homeschooled buddy from across the street. He's 8. His family moved in across the street from us six months before he was born, so he and Littlest have been friends awhile. They have a standing afternoon playdate at 3 o'clock most week days.

On the left is his little friend from next door, age 7, who moved in this spring. She and Littlest have played together almost every day since. She saved him from a summer of complete boredrom while Mommy was on self-imposed bedrest waiting for his baby sister to be born. I vaguely remember her being in our house while I was laboring, too.

This week Littlest's Girl Friend started second grade at the public school around the corner, and brought home two hours of homework every day -- which left very little time for playdates. And Buddy was on a camping trip all week with his family.

Boy, did Littlest miss his friends! (Thank goodness Mommy decided to start homeschool this week, too, or it might have been worse!)

But today was a reunion of the summer trio. They spent all day in and out of the house, playing games, sharing stories from their week, and generally making up for lost time. And I finally took their picture.


Anonymous said...

What a cute trio!! He sure has fun with his buddies!!

Christina said...

Thanks for the comment of 2 hrs of homework for a 2nd grader. That sure put it in perspective for my homeschoolers. Yeah homeschooling!

Sandra Rose Hughes said...

How precious! You know friendships like these will make beautiful memories.

Anonymous said...

I've given you the Liebster Award! Check out my blog post for all the details!

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