Monday, July 04, 2011

The Fourth of July Parade

This morning we joined old friends and new ones to celebrate Independence Day with a little old-fashioned Americana.

I grew up in a classic bungalow cottage in a friendly neighborhood full of old houses and people who value tradition and community.

When I was about 10, a few families on our street started the "20th street Fourth of July Parade."

Every summer we expressed our patriotism in red, white and blue -- on our clothes, our fences, our bikes, strollers and wagons, and -- as the parade grew and grew -- on our Jeeps, tractors and fire trucks.

Though we don't live in the same neighborhood anymore, we're not very far away, and we still have lots of friends who attend the parade.

My friend Catherine and I grew up a block apart from each other on 20th Street from age 2. Here she is with her four adorable kiddos...

I love that I get to bring my own kids now. It's pretty amazing to see this tradition still going strong 26 years later.

Nearly 200 people came out this year, gratefully using our freedom to assemble to make some memories with friends, family and neighbors.

Go see my mom's post for some great pics and her own perspective on the parade!

Happy 4th of July! Are you celebrating today?

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