Monday, May 23, 2011

Second chances, summer seedlings

Last weekend we had a lovely spring rain, followed by the kind of cool, cloudy weather we usually see in February. It made me feel like our spring had been extended -- and I was being given a second chance at planting seedlings!

So I pulled down my basket of seed packets, and the starter kit that had been patiently waiting on top of the fridge. The boys were very excited!

We planted corn, beans, summer and winter squash, melons, herbs, chard, carrots and sunflowers. We still have a lot of prep to do to get the garden ready for them, but in the meantime, they're starting to peek their little heads out of the soil.

We've been having another minimal garden year around here. I planted quite a few perennials in April, but put off starting my veggies. I did finally get a few tomato and pepper plants in the ground, but that was it.

Last year I limited our summer planting because we were leaving for a month-long road trip at the peak of the season. This year, we'll be home, but without our kitchen. I'll still be able to cook at my parents' house, but I'll probably be too busy painting to do much canning.

Nonetheless, we love having our own veggies growing out back, and some of them will be still be producing in fall -- in time to eat them in our new kitchen!


ZZ said...

I remember when I did one of these when I was in high school. It had been a desire of mine to have a garden, so I started small. It was so exciting to me to see the little heads coming up on the seedlings.

Your boys look like they are having alot of fun!

Dapoppins said...

(2nd comment...did blogger eat the first?)

I don't know what is more impressive, how organized you are and that you called the boys after you were set up (I always jump the gun) or that there is no dirt on the floor!

Happy gardening!

mandi said...

Alright! Sounds like you put a lot in. Very exciting!

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