Monday, March 14, 2011

All aboard!

Sometimes a good field trip is just what we need to wake us up to the glorious days of spring.

This morning we boarded the San Joaquin passenger train with our homeschooling group for a 90-minute ride to a small town two stops to the north.

The carousel was closed for renovation, and the local history museum was closed because it was Monday, but no matter... We had sunshine, friends, and an expansive lawn on which to spread our picnic lunches.


We filled Hanford's Civic Park with happy homeschoolers for most of our three-hour visit. And then we filled our tummies with locally-made ice cream at Superior Dairy.

On the trip back, the train conductor lent out his hat for photo ops...

Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig...


MamaTea said...

Ah yes, a field trip. A good idea, and i should take your advice. Gosh, your boys are getting so big... :)

mandi said...

Oh! What fun!
you're in Bakersfield? In college I was a missionary, assigned to SoCal. I spent a week in Bakersfield living with an alfalfa farmer!

Sonia M said...

Great pics! Those kiddos are just so cute. ;)

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