Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A good reminder

"If God is the one who called you to homeschool, then He has the plan and the right to be the director of it! Be still for awhile and know that He is God, and you will begin to hear His quiet voice directing you. He will not lay it all out for you. He will tell you one or two things to begin working on now. As you obey He will give you another step. This is called dying to self, becoming still, empty, and willing to be broken of your own ideas, methods, agendas, beliefs, etc."
--"The Heart of True Education," by Marilyn Howshall


Rachel @ The Cupcake Sprinkles In Life said...

How very true... I have a couple gals who have been seeking advice from me on the homeschool front- I should direct them to that book!

Have a great one!

Dominique said...

Thank you so much for sharing that tonight!

Annie said...

I think this captures my current feelings. I've felt so at peace since deciding to homeschool my kids. I'm pretty sure that's because it was God's plan. This has become my answer when people ask how I have the patience to be with the kids 24/7...I'm no more or less patient then I was before homeschooling. I'm more peaceful, though. Anytime our desires are in tune with God's I think this is the case!

SarahS said...

What a great reminder! Where I fall short is Continuing to carry out...

MissMOE said...

That's something a homeschool mom should hang up, so she can remember her focus when all those neat curruculums are flashing around.

chaz said...

Hi Amanda, Love your new unhomeschool room! Hope you have lots of fun working in it!

Ruth Branson said...

I really appreciated this post, as a reminder of why we've chosen homeschooling. And I resonated with Annie's comment.

Thanks - needed to hear that.



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