Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April in the garden

We've been home for a few days, slowly getting back into our routine. This morning we wandered out into the garden to see what changes two rainstorms and a week away had brought.

The weeds were high, of course -- but I happily counted that evidence that it's still spring, and not summer already! The chard and broccoli were much higher, having bolted over five feet tall.

The boys happily found an abundance of ladybugs to hold and examine...

The melons have sprouted, and a few sunflowers. But we'll need to plant more pumpkin seeds. Still have beans, squash and corn to plant from seed.

The blackberry vines are growing like crazy, lots of blooms, so we should have our first berries in another month.

Behind the overgrown cool season veggies, I've planted our first summer veggies, with lots of cilantro and parsley in between. I ordered organic tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings from The Natural Gardening Company here in California, because I knew I wouldn't have the time or patience to grow them from seed.

We're planning a big summer road trip for the last half of June, first part of July, so I'm trying to keep the garden small this year. I'll have to get a lot of canning done before we leave! Then, hopefully, I can plant a second round in August because we have such a nice long season.

How does your garden grow?


Rana said...

You sound like you have a nice garden for the Spring/Summer months. We are starting small with seeds and transplanting them to a few pot. We have strawberries, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and some herbs. Cilantro and basil being my favorites.

mandi said...

it's so funny how far we live from each other, but how similar our growing seasons and foods are. (barring the door to door strawberry man- i still haven't forgiven you for that) : )

my spring greens are bolting too. i still have a few lettuces, we ate all the swiss chard yesterday. coming up for summer are tomatoes (my baker's creek seeds actually worked this year!), potatoes, okra, cukes, sunflowers, a few different melons. hoping to put in corn after the potatoes come up. or pumpkins, i haven't decided how to use that space yet...

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