Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome, Spring!

This morning we peeked out the front door to discover the first tulip of the season had opened! Eldest planted the bulbs in early January, and here they are!

We've already had a week of warm days. Shorts and t-shirts are out, and it's time to see how much we've grown!  Hopefully, I've shrunk. It's been a lean, mean Lent for Mama. No shamrock cookies for me, *sigh*. I feel really good about keeping my promise to give up sweets, but I couldn't do it without God's help!

The grass and weeds in the garden were knee-high this weekend -- I'd already hand-weeded, push-mowed and weed-whacked whatever I could. It was Scott's turn to tackle the yard before the warm weather turned the green grass into a field of foxtails...

Well, that's done. We can't afford to water the whole lawn during the dry season, just the vegetable beds, so it'll be dry, but tidy.

The last few weeks I've been checking off little projects in the name of Spring Cleaning. So far, I've....
  • Decluttered and cleaned the bathroom cabinet.
  • Laundered the curtains in the living room, and washed windows.
  • Cleaned the mini-blinds in the dining room and bedroom.
  • Cleaned the toy area, and donated a trunkfull of toys to Goodwill.
  • Dusted the ceiling fans.
  • Cleaned door-jams and knobs.
Now I'm reorganizing our bookshelves. Did I mention the books I bought at our library's used book sale? Twenty-six books for $12!

I also put up a new corkboard next to the whiteboard. I'd been taping things to the wall and closet doors, and it was getting a bit messy. Much better. :)

Scott's off next week for spring break, so we'll be finishing up some long overdue projects around the house -- woo hoo!


Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

Isn't it crazy how filthy the door knobs and door jams can get!!?
I know when I wipe them down and see how dirty they are, I think "Good grief, why don't I clean those more often!?"
The same goes for that little section of shower door runner that you can't quite reach with a cloth. Only the old toothbrush will work and it gets so gross.
see, now you're making me think of jobs that need done around here. shame on you!
ha ha

Stacey said...

Wow! After reading this I see all the smudges on the windows and dust on the baseboards glaring at me :) I'm not sure I've ever cleaned a door-jam...hmmm

{Bobbi} said...

Great job organizing and cleaning. I am running so behind. :) I wanted to do it BEFORE the kids spring break, doesn't look like that will happen! Love your garden.

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