Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gratituesday: My body and a good doctor

On the eve of my birthday last week, I made myself a promise -- a promise to take better care of myself during the next year. I wrote this little list in my daytimer...
Go to bed earlier.
Get up earlier.
Drink water.
Move steadily.
Yes, I really do need such basic reminders sometimes. Have you ever noticed that putting off the need to pee can make a person really cranky?

Anyhow, I began my 35th year on my period, with a headache and swollen neck muscles, due to falling backwards on my noggin the day before. My throat was scratchy from what I assumed was allergies, but I wondered if I was fighting off a cold, too. I fell asleep on the couch two days in a row. Thankfully, the boys were happy to rollerskate up and down the sidewalk all week.

I finally gave in and called a doctor. I figured it was a good time for a thorough checkup. I haven't seen a doctor besides my OB and my kids' pediatrician in eight years. And I missed my last OB appointment. (Oops.)

Hubby's been bugging me to call his doc for months. My body has been struggling to keep up with the plans my head makes for it. After a year of PPD, I was doing relatively better the first half of 2008. But by the end of last summer, I was dragging myself out of bed again -- and having some very cranky days.

Sure, mothering can be exhausting, but is it normal to need need 10 hours of sleep at night, and to take another 3 hours to wake up?

Apparently not. Because when I went in on Friday to see my new doctor, an internist who specializes in hormone issues, it seemed pretty clear-cut to him: I've got a hypothyroid issue.

Did you know that the thinning of your lateral eyebrows is a sign of a lazy thyroid? Yep, I haven't just been overplucking. Doc checked my heel reflexes, and my left foot was sluggish. My right foot didn't move at all. That was pretty freaky.

Within an hour of getting home, my body decided it agreed with the diagnosis, and went full force into swollen gland lethargy. Whee! I spent the weekend mostly on the couch and in bed, getting up only to feed the hungry. (Scott was out of town.)

I must have rested enough, because I was able to wake up yesterday in time to go to the lab for my bloodwork, before taking the boys to rockclimbing class.

So, all that to say that I am REALLY grateful to know that I'm not just Mrs. Crazy-n-Lazy. My doctor's not going to send me to a shrink who will tell me I should stop homeschooling and put me on medication that'll make me kill my children. (Yeah, okay, so I'm not sure paranoia is a symptom of hypothyroid, but whatever.)

I am super grateful to have a good doctor who seems to know something useful, and believes he can help me feel better soon.

I am absolutely, incredibly blessed to have a husband who has put up with my mood and energy swings the last couple years, and still loves me.

And, I am grateful for my body. My poor, neglected, hypothyroid body. It's okay, Body, we're going to get better soon.

If you have something you're grateful for and want to share, visit Laura's blog.

Oh, and how did I miss that my Easter post was my 500th blog post?! My goodness -- a birthday, a medical revelation, and a huge blogging milestone in the same week?! I feel like I should have another giveaway, or something! Except that I have no idea what to give away. A box of Zicam? A prescription for Paxil? A good babysitter? I'm sure we could all use some of that!


Amy said...

My goodness!! What a way to start your 35th year of life!! Woo wee! But so so grateful for you that you are able to tackle all that is going on inside your body!

I can see why you are sooo grateful!

~ Amy

Anonymous said...

My husband is hypothyroid too. He just takes a pill every morning and it helps a ton with his energy levels and all that.

mandi said...

oh man! what a couple of weeks you've been having!
i'm so glad you have some light at the end of your tunnel. i was armour thyroid for about a year and it really made me feel good. lots of energy.

good for you taking better care of yourself. and remembering to pee...i find myself holding it for no reason other than it being habit.

35 will be a good year... i can feel it!

Jocelyn said...

Oh my goodness, I'm glad you are starting to get that figured out. I think some people think you are actually 35 saying how you began your 35th year of life. LOL. Don't age yourself my dear, I'm still older than you though I am almost half way through my 35th year of life now. Yikes!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

But I AM starting my 35th year of life! I've lived 34 years already! And you ARE halfway through your 35th year of life, and five months older than I am! Silly!

MJ said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been concerned about a thyroid issue but I'm also paranoid (is it a homeschool mom thing to be paranoid?) about drugs and psychologist and someone telling me to put my kids in school.

I hope to read more about your dealings with hypothyroidism.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, I had no idea you were suffering :o) I am so thankful the doctor was able to diagnose you properly, now you can learn how to work with this issue. Isn't it great knowing that you're not simply crazy and lazy? LOL I love that! I still blame my PMS for my cranky moments, now I need to find a doctor who will verify that PMS lasts 80% of the year :P just kidding!

Keep us informed on your Hypothyroid, it's new to me!

darlene said...

So, tell us what is the standard treatment for hypothyroidism. How about alternative treatments?

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Darlene, I don't know much yet, because I haven't had my second appointment with the doctor. From what I've read online, there are a few different meds to take to stimulate the thyroid until it either recovers, or doesn't. Dosage should be low because I'm not having extreme symptoms. There are no alternatives that I know of, but the doctor did say we'd discuss nutrition.

Kat said...

Glad you found a diagnosis and I hope you can get back to normal soon! I really like your blog, so I followed it. I hope you don't mind!

Christina said...

Your medical issues and my medical issues result in a lot of sleeping between the two of us. I am so thankful that my hubby jumps in when I crash and burn. So far the medical world has no idea why my body doesn't want to work the way most of the world does. So more magnesium and more potassium for me. Hope your journey has more resolution than mine. I think the fact that we do homeschool helps on those days when the body just won't listen to us. Our children know how to entertain themselves and still learn life lessons (: You're in our thoughts and I will send some Tinkerbell fairy dust your way!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you are feeling better - at least seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!

I was thinking the other day... "Do you suppose that because I spend most of my life needing to pee it could affect my mood and my always being in a hurry!?"
rolls eyes at herself.

Anonymous said...

how do you feel now Amanda?

Jenny said...

Wow, Amanda, what a month you've had! I'm glad you found a diagnosis. I hope it helps. I was told to get checked for thyroid issues when I was going through my depression thing. I came out negative for thyroid; my depression seems to be not nearly as bad as it was. I still have my moods... But I have entered peri-menopause and all that comes with THAT. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!!

~Bobbi~ said...

I like never pee when I'm running errands with the kids. I feel like someone is going to steal them when I'm in the stall. I should put that on my list too! haha

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