Saturday, March 22, 2008

The chicken coop

This is the story of a little henhouse built by wonderful friends and a devoted husband...

Last Saturday, our home improvement co-op came over for our first Work Day since 2005. The men, with the help of the kids, put up the walls and roof of the coop. The kids also helped my friend Emily and I put in the spring/summer garden. Everyone worked really hard!

UberDad was on Easter Break, but it wasn't much vacation! He shingled the roof, fitted the enclosed portion of the coop, put in windows, and trimmed all the openings.

My friend Cassandra spent all day Thursday helping me paint the beams and trim, so Scott could get the hinges and chicken wire on. She even stayed after I had to leave for an appointment I'd forgotten about!

The chickens got to come outside with us while we worked. We couldn't just let them run free, unfortunately, because the neighborhood cats were definitely aware of their presence!

The chickens got to spend their first night in the coop after the doors were finished. They were very excited to have so much space to flit around in! They went from 6 square feet in the brooder to 32 square feet in the coop.

Saturday was sunny and warm -- the perfect day for the girls to come outside to play for the first time! Another 80 sq ft of space to play in -- plus grass to nibble on and bugs to search for.

I still have to finish painting the eaves and walls this week, but for now, we have seven happy chickens in a henhouse built with love!


Becoming Me said...

I never thought I'd describe a chicken coop as cute, but it is. What a great idea to have a home improvement co-op. I started a babysitting co-op a while back, I may need to give the home improvement one a whirl...if we ever stay in one place long enough to have a home on which to improve. I hope you had a lovely Easter.

Michelle said...

How cool is that? A chicken coop just in time for Easter! No marshmellow Peeps for you guys -- you got the real thing! Way to Go!

I really am impressed with the way that you live out your dreams. I remember when we first met, you had Baby magazines at your desk cuz you wanted to be a mommy so badly and look at you now!

You've been talking forever about how you want to live on a farm so now you're just making the farm come to you. Very cool!

Hope you guys can make it to the ordination on 5/31 in Fresno.


Emily said...

It looks GREAT!!

Linda Vujnov said...

Oh my. He is handy. Keep him.

April said...

Seriously, that is the most beautiful coop I've ever seen! It makes mine look like, um, well, uh, a bit like crap actually.

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