Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What we've been up to (besides raising chicks)

(I've since thought better about this photo post and moved it to the private blog.)

I usually save photo posts for the boys' private blog, but I thought I'd share these here this time. I realized I didn't take many pics in January, probably because we spent a lot of time indoors playing Legos and watching movies. But February has been busier, so here's some imagery from the last few weeks...

(Photo removed) Making butter. (Shake, shake, shake!)

Some of the seeds we're planting in the vegetable patch.

Zurvika (an orginal Bionicle creation) by Puffer

(Photo removed) The boys have been using the Duplos again. Even Baby's building with Legos now!

(Photo removed) Juicing oranges from our organic co-op.

A huge rainbow filled the horizon on our way to Lancaster to visit friends and celebrate their birthdays last week.

(Photo removed) The boys helping their friend work on his new Lego project. We missed Kate's kids' birthday party the week before because I was sick.

(Photo removed) We spent Sunday afternoon working in the backyard, getting the veggie patch ready for the seedlings we started last week.

Grouper helped me move bricks for a path through the veggie patch.

Grouper took this shot of me cultivating.

The trampoline gets a lot of use -- it's definitely time to order a new one!

(Photo removed) The boys also picked five gallons of Meyer lemons off my parents' tree that afternoon.

(Photo removed) Juicing lemons this morning. The boys want to set up a lemonade stand on Friday. Hopefully it'll be warm enough to interest people in a drink!

(Photo removed) UberDad's building a platform bed for the new mattress we ordered. He's been sleeping on the couch for months because our old mattress is too soft and lumpy for his back.

It was a beautiful day for more gardening today, so I planted the hydrangea Scott gave me for Valentine's Day and another one my mom gave me, and put a new rosemary plant in the herb patch.

Tomorrow we run errands!


Tammy said...

Love the pics Amanda!! The boys are getting so big. I can't believe how big Harrison is!! You have a very beautiful and happy family!!

We're getting a new mattress too, this weekend!! I can't wait. We wake up with body pains every morning, it's way past due.

Good luck to the boys, with their lemonade stand!!

Thankfulheart said...

Oh...I want chicks!!! Mike had just built a chicken coop for me and then we moved :(
Thanks for the great ideas on saving on food costs. How often does the food co-op meet?

Amanda said...

The food co-op delivers every Saturday to Beale Park. You have to sign up by 9 a.m. Monday morning to get that week's goodies. I'll post more about it soon, Theresa!

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