Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas is almost here!

It just hit me that it's only four more days until Christmas Eve! The last week just zipped by, I guess. My sisters arrive tomorrow night and Saturday, and Scott is meeting his mom at the airport tonight. We'll have his family here for Christmas Eve, and then go to my parents' house for Christmas Day. I still need to wrap about half of the boys presents, and pick up two more things for Scott's family, but it's not too much. We've been baking, decorating, giving and eating cookies all week, but I'll have to keep baking if we want to have any for next week! Cookies don't last long around here.

Scott picked up our second Christmas tree tonight. We got our first on Dec. 2, after I convinced him I could make it last the three weeks before Christmas. It started to stink on Monday. A whole week short. Oops. It's the prettiest little tree, too, high off the ground so Baby Fish won't be too tempted by the ornaments. And actually, it doesn't stink anymore, but it is rather dry. So we'll go ahead and trade it out for the new one tomorrow. Decorating the second time seems a little anti-climactic, but it's a good reason to bake more cookies! (Obviously any earlier dreams of a sugar-free Christmas have been long forgotten.)

P.S. I do have more activity- and photo-laden posts on the boys' blog if you haven't been there lately. Lemme know if you need an invitation.

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Lynette said...

Amanda, I would love an invitation! I could not believe how big your boys were when I saw them at Graham's birthday party.

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