Friday, November 30, 2007

Pure organizing joy!

Before I do any (very overdue) updating, I have to rave about a little something an online friend of mine created -- no, PERFECTED -- for those of us who need a little organization in our lives to stay sane.

It's called The Plan. And while it is an annual planner, it's NOT just any planner. Julie has thought of everything a homeschooling (or unschooling) mom (or dad) might need. From monthly budgeting pages to a page for makes and model numbers, from kids' milestones to medical visits, you'll find a place for it. If you can find something that's missing, go ahead and let her know, she's taking feedback still. But I think you'll find that she really put a lot of thought and effort into creating a beautifully designed planner that will simplify and inspire your life. She has two versions -- one for homeschooling parents who need extra pages to keep curriculum planning organized, and one for unschooling parents with quotes to inspire us on our learning journeys.

I particularly love the Christmas organizing pages -- so if you're in the middle of your holiday preparations and already feeling overwhelmed, go download The Plan! She's even included the Advent readings to keep us focused on what's most important during this busy season. And it'll make a great Christmas gift, too! It's $16.99 for over 180 pages of pure organizing joy -- and three different colorful covers to choose from. Grab a binder and get printing -- you can print out as many or as few of the pages as you find useful.


jewlsntexas said...

Thanks so much for the glimmering review! I appreciate it so much and I hope the planner will be a blessing to you.
You may want to post this link -
so people know where they can buy the planner - directly from me! :)
I'll probably put a graphic up and link to it in my sidebar too - soon - when I get a couple of those free minutes!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed browsing thru your blog. I blog rolled you! Have a blessed evening. :)

Jenny said...

You sold me! I sent the link to my husband and told him it would make a good Christmas gift!

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