Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toy recalls

I'm a little slow on the news, so forgive me if this is old and you've all heard it already. But just in case, check this list and make sure you don't have any of
these Mattel toys (it includes lots of Polly Pocket playsets).


bliss said...

well better late than never Amanda. :-) i have been checking and checking every where i could find to see if baby bliss had any toys from that list. i couldn't find the list like the one you link to, one with pictures so we don't have to guess what's on the list and what is not. i'm gonna check it out right now. thanks much! :-) (and now i'm asking myself why i didn't notice this post the last time i was here... LOL)

bliss said...

grrrrr! baby bliss has/had the polly pocket party to go set. i just asked her where it is and she said she threw it out. i hope i didn't take it to Goodwill. :-&

Amanda said...

I was thinking about this some more, and it seems to me that the main point is that the tiny magnets are dangerous, and I suppose that they're not labeled well in the play sets...? I'm thinking that pretty much any type of toy with tiny magnets would be a problem... like the plastic alphabet magnets on my fridge. Or, more accurately, scattered on the floor of my kitchen. Those magnets could easily come out of the back of the letters and Baby Fish could swallow two before I'd even noticed. YIKES! But he does so LOVE to knock them off the fridge onto the floor. *sigh*

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