Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

I've been wanting to blog, and now I have a good excuse -- I've been tagged by Tammy! (Hopefully I'll do a real update sometime soon.) Here goes...

I've Been Tagged for Christmas

Name three things:

* that you had hanging on your tree:
Candy canes
Strings of red wooden beads

* that you've eaten / drunk lots of:
Christmas cookies
Flourless chocolate cake

* that you said most often this Christmas
"Where are Brook and Lindsay (my sisters)?"
"I just have a couple more presents to wrap."
"I'm going to my mom's for a little while."

* that you heard most often this Christmas
"Can I have a candy cane?"
"Will it EVER be Christmas?!?"
"I'm just going into the side room for a bit."

* that you'll *never* do again

Eat so many cookies that I'm sick for New Year's.
Forget to wrap Santa's presents in different wrapping paper.

* that you didn't do this year but hope to do next year
Go look at Christmas lights
Go to see the Live Christmas story
Host a Christmas party.

* favourite presents this year

Clothes from Scott and my parents
Framed photos for my living room walls from my mom and Lindsay
New Dar Williams CD from Scott and Loreena McKennitt from Brook

* that you're glad you didn't get for Christmas
The flu
Credit card bills (for the first time EVER!!)

And, since it's already after New Year's, I'm going to let this tag die...


Tammy said...

Some of those answers look very familiar, lol. Good to hear from you Amanda! We won't be at many field trips, until we can get another car. So, hope to see you around somewhere soon, : )

Jocelyn said...

Yay, glad to see I'm not way behind on your blog again. :) I love the "tagged" thing!! I take it Brook and Lindsay were off in their own little world alot? LOL.

Amanda said...

Actually, they were usually asleep. They stayed up talking till the wee hours, and slept all morning. Made me feel old.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I have been looking for other Christian Moms' Blogs! I can't wait for you to post more.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Chrissy! :)

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