Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oregon and ER

Sheesh, you'd think I was too busy to blog. Or maybe had nothing to blog about. But no, not really.

I really was obsessed with moving to Oregon for a couple weeks. Didn't want to blog about it because it's so hard to think about leaving family and friends in my hometown, and I didn't want to upset anybody. Anyhow, I think the obsession was spawned by a few things: postpartum hormones, UberDad's new job, the never-ending hot dry summer weather, and the fact that our good friends The Purple Flowers mentioned it while we were together at our church Family Camp over Labor Day weekend. They like the cooler weather and cycling/vegan-friendly culture of Eugene. We like the weather, too, and just the general progressive, healthy, active community. Plus lots of unschoolers live there!

Anyhow, I made myself stop spending all my free time looking up Eugene-area real estate. Because in those couple of weeks of obsessing I'd neglected to call certain friends, and started to really miss them. Still trying to reconnect, because everyone seems to have gotten really busy this fall. Us included.

Today we went to the county fairgrounds to take advantage of the free admission and special children's events set up during the morning hours for local schoolchildren. We just tell them we're with a homeschooling group and we don't have to pay parking either -- pretty cool! When the boys are old enough, we might actually stay until the rides are open, but for now seeing the farm animals, exhibits, and kids' science area is enough. Saw lots of our old homeschooling friends who we haven't seen in a while, which was nice. And the boys were particularly fascinated by the large black African scorpions that Puffer got to touch.

Oh, and we had our first trip to the hospital emergency room Monday night! I say "we," but it was really UberDad, Grouper and my mom. I stayed home with Puffer and Baby Crabcakes. For some reason, Grouper decided to climb up on our friends' car while lightsaber-sparring with their son, and ended up falling head first off the top of the car onto the hard ground. He was pretty unhappy about the whole thing, though I couldn't find a bump, then he napped a little while the rest of us ate dinner.

When I got him home, he threw up the yogurt he'd had that afternoon, so we decided we better find out if he had a concussion. He was NOT happy about having to leave his warm bath to get dressed and go see a doctor, but he ended up doing just fine. I called my mom to help UberDad get him there and they took turns holding him in the waiting room, and held his hands during the CT-scan. Fortunately, everything was fine, no swelling. They got home around 2, and UberDad woke me up so I could sing Grouper to sleep.

So, all is well now. And Grouper wants a turn on the computer. That would be the other reason I haven't blogged...


Dapoppins said...

Love the how many hours was it your son was there? And getting to touch an African bug...! Your sure that isn't what made Grouper climb up and then fall! Sheesh..those things can be lead around on leashes, they are so big.

Tammy said...

It was good seeing you again Amanda! I'm glad things are okay, trips the er are never fun.

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