Thursday, May 05, 2005

Misery trumps memory

It's really really late, and I should be asleep, but I've wanted to write all day. Plus I'm addicted to your comments.

I felt so lame this morning. First, I ate ice cream three nights in a row despite my lactose intolerance. Misery upon misery. And then, because I've been so focused on overcoming the diarrhea in my house this week, I completely forgot that I invited a dear friend and her darling baby to come visit this morning.

So, I'm sitting with Boy #2, he with a bare bum on his brand new potty, me in my pajamas on the edge of the tub, and the doorbell rings. I yell to Boy #1, "Don't answer it! Look out the window and tell me who it is!" He does, and I hear him say my friend's name as the bell rings again.

I jump up, tell Boy #2 to stay put, tell Boy #1 he can answer the door, and greet my friend, hugging around the baby's carseat. She, noticing my pajamas, asks if it's the right day. And I stare blankly, then realize that she's not just stopping by for a spontaneous hello, but that we made plans two weeks before and I forgot to write it in my calendar (which I probably would have forgotten to look at even if I had written in it).

I spent the whole morning wondering how I could possibly think I could handle another baby, when I don't have enough brainpower or organization skills to remember a date made with a close friend.


Erin said...

I have had days exactly like that. In fact, there are days that it's later in the afternoon and I'm still in my pajamas, praying that no one comes to the door! I wish I could discipline myself and get up before the kids do so that I can take my shower, have my coffee and morning devotions and start the day out the way I want to. However, I hold on to all the sleep I can get in the morning. I enjoyed reading through some of your entries this morning. You sound a lot like me. I just started a blog, only 2 posts so far... but I think I'm going to like this blogging thing. I'm addicted already! Vlogging is even cooler (video blogging!) Take care and I will be back to read more. God bless!

Crankenpants said...

I know how that goes. I wish my husband was home during the day so I could use him around to suplement my memory. I feel like I walk around in circles trying to get things done.

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