Wednesday, September 01, 2004

You know you have sons when...

Lately it's been all about body humor. Today my curious firstborn decided to inquire more openly into why Mommy does not have a penis. Where does the pee come out if there's no penis? Where could it have gone? Did it fall off?

I try to answer their questions as matter-of-factly as I would in a childbirth class. I have to be comfortable discussing genitalia, of course. And, in fact, it's a great opportunity to share with them the miracles of creation.

But they're not so interested in the details of how many distinct organs Mommy has that Daddy doesn't. They'd rather just be funny.

My blue-eyed secondborn was quite pleased with the topic his brother chose for the evening. This was even better than jokes about Mommy nursing the cat!

"Mommy peh-nis fall floor!" he giggled as we headed toward the bedroom tonight for songs and prayers. "Peh-nis fall bed!" he laughed again as we crawled under the sheet. Ten minutes later, big brother sound asleep already, he was still giggling sleepily, "Mommy peh-nis fall..."


Jasper said...

According to my baby book I watched my mom going poddy one time and said "You dot a pee-pee? Daddy hab a tail."

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing; I needed a laugh!
Plus, I could distinctly hear Mr. Crunchy's laugh in my head.

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